Saturday, October 31, 2015

An emotional day

A very sweet dog showed up at my neighbor's house several days ago and has been sticking around. An older dog, a black lab, rolled over for belly rubs when anyone approached him, no collar. We called the sheriff and the local veterinarians and we posted his picture on the Custer County Facebook Animal Page. But no one came forward.  Jim couldn't keep the dog (he travels for work and is gone a lot).  I sure wanted to keep him but my life is in turmoil right now and I just couldn't indoctrinate a new animal into my household right now.   It just broke my heart.

So I called my fellow Pet Project volunteer, Glenn, and he said he would take the dog even though he already has three dogs. So I went down to Jim's and the dog was gone. So now of course I am worried about him but I am telling myself that he simply found his way back to a loving home.

Then today I got a Facebook message from a woman I've never met but who evidently met Marshall at some point during his illness (I remember him telling me about this encounter).  Anyway, here's the message (and it just tore me up):

Good morning, Marilyn. 
I wanted to share a story with you I thought you might enjoy. My husband (well, we've actually never made it official) and I moved here four years ago. Sometime after (I think it was - maybe - three years ago) we went to Eduardos to eat. 
We were sitting there, and noticed this very friendly looking man sitting at a table by himself. I smiled and said hello, and before you knew it, the three of us got into a lengthy conversation about ... well ... everything!
He shared stories about the love for his family, cancer (I lost my best friend to cancer 3/7/14), Westcliffe, politics, and the list went on and on. 
He really touched us -- just such a genuinely nice guy. What a special treat to meet him. 
I hope you're doing well -- maybe we'll meet one of these days.

How sweet of her to reach out to me at this time. I am having a very emotional day. 

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