Monday, October 5, 2015

Catching up

I haven't written much lately because this blog is about Marshall and there hasn't been much going on.  The VA still hasn't made a decision on my application for benefits.

My sister and daughter were here for a week and it was a very enjoyable week.  (We spent a lot  of time spiffing up the inside of the house so that it will be "showable").  I was sad to see them go.  But I'll be going there for thanksgiving.

When I got Marshall's motorcycle back from getting serviced three or four weeks ago my friends Gary and Karen let me store it at their house, trailer and all.  But I needed to find a permanent storage spot for it.  Over the weekend I heard from a place here in town that had a spot for the bike so today was the day to move the bike.  I had never personally handled putting the bike on the trailer or taking  it off of the trailer, so I was a nervous wreck.

But Gary and Karen said they would help.  So Gary hooked the trailer up to his truck and we headed to town.  I was driving my truck and Gary and Karen were behind me.  I was watching them in the rear view mirror.  It was almost like a comedy movie -- at one point I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw Gary behind me but the trailer was heading off into the ditch.  So I turned around and went back.  The first thing we did was open the trailer to see if the bike had been hurt.  It looked like it bounced around a bit but there was no damage.  It appeared that the trailer somehow bounced off of the hitch and the security chains broke.  The trailer brake that is supposed to take effect in situations like this didn't work.  Not sure why.  (By the way, Karen got some pictures of this whole ordeal and as soon as she sends them to me I will post them.)

Two guys were coming by and they stopped to help.  It was a lot of work but they somehow got the trailer jacked up enough (it had dug into the muddy ditch) so that it could be hooked up again.  We continued very slowly and made it to the storage facility without further incident.

Unless you count the fact that the battery was dead and the bike had to be pushed off the trailer and then into the building!  Sheesh!  I know Marshall was up there watching and shaking his head.

So we got the bike settled and we hooked up a battery charger so it should be okay.  So now that the bike is in a really nice storage place and I don't need to navigate the trailer situation I can actually take the bike out for rides.  I'll try to do that this weekend.

Anyway, I was very glad to get home today and very very glad to get that bike off the trailer and into its new "permanent" spot. I paid a year's rent so I don't need to worry about it for a while.  I need to get it up to the Harley place to get a new air filter so I am going to enlist a guy here in town who also has a bike to see if he will ride with me.  I will be nervous the first couple of times I take it out.  But who knows, I might actually get to the point where I would be comfortable taking it to rallies and enroll it in competitions.  Marshall won several awards with the bike and he really wanted me to keep showing it.  He would be happy if I gave it a try.

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