Thursday, October 22, 2015

Today is phone call day

I hate making phone calls.  Marshall always handled that.  So I got a little behind and decided to get caught up today.  Yuk.

But first of all, I went to see the Veterans Service Officer because he learned that the VA will give me one more benefit -- burial expenses -- even though there wasn't a burial.  This benefit is a one-time limited amount payment to help the family of a deceased veteran handle whatever end-of-life costs may arise.  So we filled out the paperwork for that today.  He also said the family is entitled to some sort of tribute letter from the President so I filled out the paperwork to get three of those letters (one for me, one for his sister Audrey and one for daughter Tanya).

Then I came home and started the phone calls.  The first call was to the monument company to check on the status of the headstone.  They told me that the reason it is taking so long is because I ordered a special kind.  I didn't realize that.  It will probably be another month or two.  I also asked him about the military marker and he told me to fill the forms out again and he would submit them to the VA again and we'll see what happens.

Then I called ChampVA -- my free VA supplemental health insurance -- to find out why I still haven't received my card and why they aren't honoring my claims.  They told me it's because according to their records I still have health insuance with another company.  I told them that I hadn't had other insurance since Marshall died and I have filed the proper forms with the VA twice now advising them of that.  They told me I needed to argue that point direcly with the VA itself.  They gave me a number to call and I've been trying to call for the past two hours and there's always a busy signal.  If I can't get this straightened out in the next month I'm going to go ahead and buy separate health insurance. I don't have the patience level for this.  But I will continue to try to call the VA.

So then I started calling moving companies to get a quote on hiring movers to move me to Thornton when the time comes.  And guess what?  No one will come up here where I am.  It's too remote and the roads are too narrow and rough.  That means I will have to move myself.  It's not like I haven't done it before, but....ugh.

I called U-Haul and the only truck they've got that I would feel comfortable driving is about 16 feet.  The cost is 90 cents a mile (that would be about $400) and $30 a day.  So for a weekend trip that would be about $500.  Remember the old days when you would just get a bunch of friends together and buy pizza and beer?  Ha.  But this is doable.  I'm not crazy about it, but it's doable.  I think I'm going to have plenty of time to get moved while my present house sits on the market so if I can afford it, I can rent the truck several weekends in a row and make it a slow move.  I can get a few Westcliffe friends to help me load the truck and a few Denver friends to help me unload (you know who you are....)  :)

I've been thinking about Marshall all day today and the tears have been flowing.  I guess that will happen periodically, especially when I am planning to move away from our favorite home.

No more phone calls today.  Time to pack more boxes.

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