Sunday, October 25, 2015

Finished the Yoga Workshop

Today was much better.  The whole thing kind of came together for me today.  All of the writing we did yesterday came together and we all kind of figured ourselves out (if that makes any sense).  We each ended up with something called a Dharma Code which is a positive statement that we should invoke every day to encourage good things in our lives.  Then we did some meditations.  It all felt pretty good.  And might be of some help in dealing with these periodic attacks of grief.

Then I came home and said goodbye to two of my neighbors who own a cabin down the road and who only come up when the weather is good.  They close their cabin down in October and don't come back until April, so I will probably be gone by then so they came up to say goodbye.  That was really sad for me.  I really like this couple.  However, they live in Denver and I may see them up there.

The weather is getting colder and it's the time of year when Marshall would have been using the wood burning stove for heat.  I have never felt comfortable with that stove (fire kind of scares me), so I will probably just use the furnace and pay the higher propane bill.  He would not be happy with me.  :(

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