Wednesday, October 28, 2015

THREE Men & A Truck

After my trip to Denver yesterday and seeing quite a few of the trucks for Two Men and A Truck, I felt pretty comfortable that those trucks could get to my house easily (they resemble UPS trucks and the UPS guy gets up here with no problem - he doesn't particularly like coming up here but he does it).  So I called them today.  And they said YES, they would come up my road but they would send three men instead of two.  Fine with me!  So she took all my information and when I know for sure when the closing date will be I can call them back and get it all scheduled.  And they will bring me boxes and other packing materials.  Boy, was that good news.

It's going to cost $147 an hour from door-to-door and an extra $100 for two large screen TVs but it will be worth it.  I haven't tried to do the math yet, but it's 4 hours to get here and 4 hours to get to Thornton and then, I guess, however many hours for them to get back to their base (GULP) and then however long it takes for them to load and unload the truck.  I need to start saving money.

And oops, I may have spoken too soon -- as I was typing this, they called me back and they are having second thoughts.  So stay tuned.

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