Friday, October 9, 2015


Well, the VA came through.  Today I got not only the money they took out of my account in July, but also a monthly benefit was approved and I got a check retroactive for August and September.  I was so excited I ran over to see the Veterans Service Officer (who helped me through all of this) to tell him the news.  He said that he needs to do a little research but he thinks there is a possibility that the VA may check periodically to see if I have other income and they could adjust this monthly amount if they realize I am working.  I did my own research and everything I find says that my monthly benefit will stay the same regardless of any other income I may have.  So we will see.

So now I have finally gotten through everything I needed to do with regard to benefits.  The only things left are (1) the headstone; and (2) spreading the ashes.  That may take some time.

I think we are almost at the end of this blog.  I will continue to post anything with regard to Marshall (and anything with regard to his motorcycle) but it probably won't be as often.  This blog has been so therapeutic for me and I thank everyone who read the blog and helped out with support and suggestions, and I thank the new friends I've met through this blog.  I don't know how I would have gotten through these past three and a half years without you and I'm sure Marshall agrees!

Hugs to you all....

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