Monday, October 26, 2015

Lift Chair

Early on in Marshall's diagnosis, when both the disease and the treatmen were making him weak and very fatigued, he bought a really nice lift chair. It did a great job of lifting him up and helping him sit back down. But I absolutely hated that chair because it made him lazy. I wanted him to try to use his legs and his arms to push himself out of a chair so that his muscles would get stronger and help protect his bones. But I lost that battle.

Anyway, I was trying to find someplace to donate the chair that would please him and I know he would prefer that it go to a veteran. So I called the nursing home where he stayed earlier this year and the woman I talked to said they would love to have it. So I went down the road to the cabin where the couple were closing up for the winter and they were still there. So Tony came up and helped me get the chair out of the house (that involved removing the front door to make room and then putting the door back on) and then getting the chair into the back of my truck (that involved removing he tonneau cover on the truck). It took about an hour.

I drove to the nursing home and went in to get someone to come out and unload the chair and the guy said they wouldn't take the chair because -- guess why? -- they didn't want their residents relying on the chair and losing leg strength. Well, after everything I went through this morning to get that chair out there, I told this guy that I was not taking that chair back home. One way or another it was going to stay at the nursing home. I suggested that he just unplug the chair and let one of the residents simply use it as a chair. They agreed to that and the chair is now at the nursing home. Marshall would like that.

Last week when I got those new glasses, I hated them so I went back and picked out different ones with Tricia helping me on Facetime. They came in today and I like them SOOOO much better.

Tomorrow I have to drive up to Denver for a walk-through. I guess it's the first of many upcoming walk-throughs. But the place should be further along by now and I can get better pictures. It will be a long day and I'm already tired. I'm going to try to find a storage facility while I'm there and if I find one I like I'll go ahead and get it rented so I can start bringing stuff up when I go and just put it in storage until I'm ready for it.

All of a sudden I'm having a little trouble at the bank with my joint account with Marshall. Every time I make a deposit I have to get supervisor approval. I guess I need to get his name off of the account. I sure didn't want to do that. So that's on my list of things to figure out.

I have to take Coco to Denver with me tomorrow because the dogsitter isn't available and Coco can't be left alone for very long. That will make the day a little more tiring, but he's my baby..... Can you believe he's almost 15 years old?

When we get back tomorrow night, I don't have anything on my calendar for the next week, so I can get back to packing. And napping. I'm tired.

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