Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My bank

I'm at a point now where I kind of thought all of the after-death stuff had been taken care of.  But no....

I have been noticing that every time I go to the bank to deposiit my paycheck there seems to be a lot of confusion and supervisors brought into play.  So finally I asked if there was a problem.

It turns out that if the deceased's bank account had any kind of direct deposits (Social Security, VA, annuity, pension, etc.), there is a hold put on those accounts -- FOR ONE YEAR -- with regard to deposits, not wthdrawals.  That's in case the VA or Social Security misses the notification that the person has died (or, even worse, doesn't get notified at all) and keeps on making monthly deposits and the spouse keeps the money without notifying anyone.  It makes sense, but it sure was a surprise to find out that I had to get deposits approved.

And I got really worried because I am basically going to be wiping out that account to take money to the closing at the end of the month.  I've been assured that there won't be any problem at all with withdrawing funds.

Every day is another learning experience.

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