Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What ... A ... Day ..

Well, I am now the proud owner of a townhouse in Thornton.  I left the house at 7:00 this morning to get to Denver by 11:00 so I could rent a storage unit for a few months while I sort things out.

Then I went to the townhouse and met the builder and had my walk-through.

Then I found my way to the title company for the closing and the closing took about 3 hours.

Then I went back to the townhouse to unload some things from the truck that I had brought with me (towels, cleaning supplies, coffee pot, etc.).  When I got to the townhouse the front door was standing wide open.  That was kind of unnerving.  I tried to reach the builder but he was long gone.  Nothing seemed to be bothered so I guess he just didn't pull the door closed good after the walk-through.  Then I had trouble getting the garage door open.  But I finally got everything unloaded and hit the road to come back home only to find that I-25 was bumper-to-bumper for miles and miles.  Thanksgiving traffic.  It took forever to get home.  I am so grateful to my neighbor Cathy -- she came over to check on the animals twice today.  Otherwise I would have really been worried because I was gone for 15 hours!

I really missed Marshall today.  He would have driven the title company guy nuts.  Whenever we bought anything that needed paperwork signed, Marshall would always read every single sentence and he would ask tons of questions.

Anyway, now I own two houses.  Yikes.

And I still have a toothache.  The dentist couldn't find anything wrong so he says to stick it out through the holiday because maybe it's a sinus issue that will go away on its own.  Great.

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