Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yesterday I had to go to Canon City and there was a bit of snow on the ground. When I came home I decided to take the back way (on Oak Creek Grade) which can be scary at times. But with the trees covered with snow it was just gorgeous:

Today it was still snowing a little bit but not enough to get out of hand. I send thanks to my neighbor Dave for plowing out my road!!

I packed 8 boxes today and I still don't see any progress.

This weekend is my firm's Christmas party so I'm going to take Coco with me up to the townhouse and spend the weekend -- I want him to start to get used to his new home. The party is Saturday night. I will be leaving Coco alone for four hours and hope he doesn't alienate my new neighbors by his "separation anxiety" barking. It wil be a good test. My wonderful neighbor Cathy will look in on the cats while I'm gone.

And yesterday I used Oil of Clove on my toothache and that stuff is like a miracle. I applied it every time the pain came back and it worked wonders. Then today I got up and did not have a toothache at all. Right now it's late in the day and still no toothache. I am very puzzled.

This weekend when I go up to the townhouse I'm going to take a few of Marshall's things that I held onto so that his presence will be there with me. That may sound pretty silly and I'm sure the day will come when I will join the world again without missing him so much. The hospice people told me that would take a year.

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