Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Now I'm getting worried.  Over the past month I've been getting letters from Medicare addressed to The Estate of Marshall Mullins.  I didn't understand any of them but it just sounded like they were reviewing some charges and there would be futher communication later.

Today I got a 6-page letter from Medicare (again addressed to the Estate) saying that a bunch of charges were being denied.  The letter was very legalistic and I read it three times and don't understand it.  The only part I understood was the part that said "our decision is unfavorable to the Estate."  I don't see any amounts mentioned and I'm really not sure what to do.  But this is all I need, a bunch of bills to pay that I wasn't expecting.  I'm going to just wait and see if I get anything further.  My funds are quickly disappearing and this is scary.  I will report when I hear anything else.

Today I met with the moving company and because of the holiday season schedule, we have scheduled my move for January 4 and 5.  My closing is tentatively set for November 30.  So I will have the month of December to get things done in the townhouse before the furniture arrives (like internet setup, phone, electricity, installation of garage door opener, etc. etc.).  It's nice to have a few things settling into place.

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