Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I am falling apart...

I was able to get in to see my doctor today (a miracle in itself) and talked to him about my three problems.

1.  My thinning hair.  He says that it could be stress related coming from the past four years and that it may slowly start growing back.  He advises patience and a good vitamin regimen (he recommends zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D and the B vitamins).

2.  My shaking hands.  For the past year or so I've had trouble with trembling hands that I can't control.  He says that is actually a condition in older people called "intentional tremors," which is a dumb name, don't you think?  He said there is no cure for it and it probably won't get any worse.  He said it isn't Parkinson's because in Parkinson's when the hands tremble they kind of clench and when mine tremble that doesn't happen.

3.  The tooth/face pain.  All day today I haven't had any pain whatsoever and I chewed, I ate ice cream and I drank a hot liquid.  No pain whatsoever.  There is no rhyme or reason to this.  Dr. Bliss says that it is very possibly trigeminal neuralgia.  He said it could be caused by shingles.  I told him I have had shingles on that side of the face (way back in the 80s) and he said there is a SLIGHT chance that could be connected.  He also doesn't think TN can be caused by stress, but anything is possible.  I told him I was seeing the dentist again on Thursday and Dr. Bliss said that if the dentist doesn't figure it out I will need to see a neurologist.

I told him I was using Oil of Cloves whenever there was pain and the oil really killed the pain.  He said that the oil of cloves has a numbing effect and it can numb the nerves as well as numb a toothache.

So now let's see if I stay pain free until Thursday.  And I hope to get some answers.  But I am definitely falling apart (ha).

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