Saturday, December 19, 2015


Since I am going to be here for Christmas, I offered to watch my neighbor Jim's dogs while they visit family for the holidays.

It's kind of fun because, first of all, I love animals, and second, I plan to walk them every day and I haven't walked around here in a long time. When we first moved here I loved to hike and walk around our property but a few years ago the Department of Wildlife started putting out some warnings about an aggressive mountain lion as well as being careful to never position yourself between a mama bear and her cubs. So little by little I quit walking.

Well, Jim's dogs are big guys and I feel comfortable walking with them so it is especially nice to be able to do some walking in these scenic mountain areas during these last months of living here.

Here they are -- Joseph and Solomon:

They took off running and hit an icy spot and Solomon hit the ground...

After the walk I decided to try to take a selfie with the dogs, but it was hard trying to get both of them and me in the same picture. Here's me and Solomon:

You can see that the perfect selfie just isn't going to happen:

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