Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sold the ATV

Over the weekend I sold Marshall's last trailer and this morning I sold the ATV, so all of the big items are now gone. I'm glad that's done, but as his things disappear it gets kind of sad. It's like he didn't exist ... hard to explain.

One of the most important things in his life was his military buddies. For the past 10 years we went to every single military reunion and he planned for it all year long. Well, today I got a Christmas card from one of those guys with an absolutely lovely message for me about Marshall. But it made me realize that this guy -- so far -- is the ONLY one of the several hundred military buddies who has bothered to send their sympathies. That brought tears to my eyes. Marshall would be so disappointed. He would have done just about anything for those guys. You just never know, do you?

This morning it occurred to me that I should make sure all the animals are up to date on shots and vet visits so that when we move I won't have to worry about that for a while. So I called Julie, the vet here in town, and she made a special trip in to the office for me. I took the cats in and they got their shots and their checkup. And Okie got microchipped. The other two were already chipped. Coco has a different vet and I'll have to get an appointment for him after the holiday. He has many old-age problems and I want to be sure all is well with him before the move.

I had a large carrier and I put Okie and Jerry in there together. It was very reassuring to see that they didn't fuss or cry or anything, they just cuddled together and handled the whole vet thing like big boys. I hope that is a precursor to how they will handle the trip up to Thornton when the time comes. I've been a bit worried about that (yes, if there is something to worry about, I will worry about it).

Jerry weighs 17 pounds -- he is definitely a big boy!

I'm getting ready for spreading some of Marshall's ashes on Friday. Here's a picture of his favorite spot -- you can't really see it, but the sign on the tree says Wyco Holler (I always teased him about his pronunciation of "Hollow") -- this is where Coco and I will spread some ashes and reminisce on Friday.

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