Friday, December 18, 2015


Went up to Thornton with Coco this past Monday through Wednesday. Monday turned out to be a monstrous blizzard and when I opened my front door Tuesday morning a foot of snow blew in. There's a Walmart two blocks away so I went down to Walmart and bought a snow shovel.

The storm didn't stop the garage door opener guy, though, so by early afternoon I had a garage door opener.

On Wednesday I had cable, Internet and phone installed. And Coco and I came home Wednesday afternoon. It looks like the washer and dryer are going to have to wait until next year.

Tony came by with his friend Troy and they are going to do some building up around the loft ledge so that the cats can't jump up on the ledge and slip and fall 15 feet. They are also going to install a gate on the stairway and a gate on the patio. And also storm doors.

Still no word from the VA on the after-death expenses or on the headstone.

I am staying here in the house for Christmas. Since it will be my last Christmas in this house where Marshall and I had so many good times, I want to be alone here with the boys (and Marshall's "spirit") for this holiday.

Marshall had a favorite spot on this property that he said reminded him of where he grew up in West Virginia and he loved to sit out there in that spot with his morning coffee (or his evening beer). I made a sign for him that I attached to the tree that said "Wyco Holler."

On Christmas Day I'm going to get bundled up and go out there with Coco and spread some of Marshall's ashes in that spot, along with the ashes of his beloved dog Marlee. Then I'll sit there with a cup of coffee and reminisce about good times past.

Next year the family will get together to spread the rest of Marshall's ashes in West Virginia and in Ohio.

The boys are being especially clingy. I guess that's because I've left them alone so often in recent weeks. Thank goodness for my neighbor Cathy who comes over and checks on them. Jerry usually hides from visitors but he loves Cathy. This week she left me some YUMMY Christmas cookies! And Cathy's husband Dave made sure my road was plowed so that when I got back here on Wednesday I could get to the house okay.

Anyway, the cats are unbelievably clingy. Jerry -- who is the big cat weighing in at 17 pounds -- is constantly on my lap, which is unusual, and even sleeps with me, which he doesn't usually do. As I am typing this Jerry is plastered to my side and trying to lay on my iPad -- see photo.

It will be interesting to see how they handle the big move.

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