Friday, July 17, 2015

Pretty much the same as yesterday

Marshall is basically unresponsive, although he does occasionally open his eyes and look around.  But he doesn't communicate at all.  He didn't eat today and he only had a few sips of water.  He hasn't really moved on the bed.  He will sometimes nod his head to answer a question, but not often.

Today we decided to play bluegrass all day long.  It's his very favorite music choice.  He seemed to enjoy it and he seemed to really be listening because the satellite went off two or three times briefly and when the music stopped he looked at the TV with a questioning look like he was asking what happened.

Back in the old normal days (boy, do I miss those normal days), our evening routine was always to watch the news from 5:00 to 6:00 and then watch Wheel of Fortune.  So that's what we did tonight.  Hopefully he was able to realize our old routine and be relaxed by it, but we couldn't tell.

He keeps his fists clenched most of the time.  The hospice nurse says that probably indicates pain and he probably isn't telling us about the pain because he doesn't want us getting upset.  So we try to watch that and give morphine accordingly.

Gina and Tanya stayed in the room with him pretty much all day today and I was in and out.  I had a few things to do in my office.  But now we are going to gather in his room to watch some TV (probably a Law & Order marathon, one of his favorite programs), and then off to bed.

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