Monday, July 27, 2015

A little bit of good news today

Today I started making phone calls to stop Marshall's various monthly retirement-type checks.

The first call was to the Office of Personnel Management for the post office.  Marshall and I both had determined that when he died, I would lose his health insurance as well as his pension check.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could keep the insurance at a discounted monthly premium.  This is really good news because between Medicare and his Government Employee Health insurance, we did not have to pay a cent for any of his cancer care, so it is very good coverage.

His pension check is going to be discontinued but I will get some sort of prorated "settlement" amount.  It won't be much, but every little bit helps.

I also called the Veterans Service Officer to find out about Marshall's disability check.  According to the VSO I will probably be entitled to continue to receive half of what the monthly amount was.  Of course, it's the VA so I'll believe it when it happens, but that's tentative good news.  He also said that since Marshall was a 100% totally disabled veteran, I am entitled to $2,000 for end-of-life expenses.  And evidently they will also provide a headstone.  Not sure how that will play out with him getting cremated, but we will see.

Tomorrow I have to call Social Security.  I don't expect any surprising news in that department.

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