Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another fairly quiet day

Today was kind of a repeat of yesterday.  But Gina was here and I was able to go to town to get the mail.

My friend Janel told me about Cheyne Stokes breathing and I swear that is what he's doing.  He's been doing it for over two days now.  Today he refused water and was very unresponsive.  At one point our cat jumped up on Marshall's stomach, which in the past would have caused Marshall to jump or even yell, but today he barely moved even though the cat not only jumped on his stomach but scratched him.

And this was strange behavior for this cat (Okie).  He is a very careful, very loving cat and doesn't jump on us like the other cat.  But he jumped on Marshall today and when we tried to pick him up and get him off the bed he refused to leave, he kind of glued himself to Marshall's side.  If I was superstitious, I would see that as some kind of omen (smile).

And outside of lifting his arms constantly, and the Cheyne Stokes breathing, Marshall has not moved an inch in several days.

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