Friday, July 10, 2015

Busy busy day

Last night was a peaceful night.

But today was a nonstop day.  First thing this morning we had to get Marshall out of his bed and into my bed in order to get ready for his hospital bed to come.  He was very cooperative.

Then a guy from hospice showed up to dismantle Marshall's present bed and put it in the garage.  He also brought a bedside commode.

Then our neighbor came over and spent hours in our garage organizing Marshall's HUGE stockpile of  tools and electrical equipment so that I would know what we've got.  That was interesting.  There are things out there I've never even heard of, much less would ever use.

Then a hospice representative came with paperwork for me to sign.

Then the AeroCare guy came and brought a hospital bed (and set it up), as well as a bed table, a CPAP machine and bed linens.

Then we had to get Marshall from my bed over into his new hospital bed.  That turned out to be way easier than we thought it would be.  His first impression of his new bed was not good.  He hates the bed rails and got upset because we wouldn't leave them down.  But when we showed him how he could adjust the head of the bed as well as the legs, he was smiling.

He talked to his daughter and granddaughter today and he appeared to be having a nice conversation, but all of a sudden he yelled for me and he said, "Why aren't you helping me unpack Tanya's luggage?"

He actually ate a small piece of lasagna at dinnertime with a small glass of milk.  Then he was really tired and dozed off.

And, by the way, my atrial fibrillation is back with a vengeance -- not that there's any stress in our house or anything.....

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