Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Keeping vigil...

Gina, Tanya and I spent much of today standing at Marshall's bedside, holding his hands and watching him breathe.  He was pretty much nonresponsive but if one of us said "I love you," he said it back.  He wouldn't eat anything today and drank very little.  Still constipated.  Tomorrow morning I think an enema is on the agenda just to keep him from being miserable.

If we ask him if he is in pain, he just stares, so it is hard to tell if he has pain, but one would think he must be in pain when you consider that the cancer is everywhere.  So we make educated guesses on giving him pain medication.

One thing is very clear, though -- he is so happy to have Tanya here.

He's having trouble now swallowing his pills, so we switched to the liquid morphine and Lorazepam today.

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