Saturday, July 18, 2015

Caregiver Meltdown

Well, today was interesting.  There was a huge disagreement over who does what and the paid caregiver/CNA -- Gina -- stormed out and went home.  Very very unprofessional.  She could have easily calmed everything down but instead she chose to instigate a yelling match over whether or not to offer Marshall some water, and a yelling match was a huge no-no to do in front of Marshall.  He does NOT need to hear dissension among the ranks of people taking care of him -- and we are told that he hears everything even if asleep.  In these final days he needs to hear nothing but love and soft voices and maybe a little soft music.  So we move on without Gina.  I am so disappointed in her.

Tanya leaves Monday morning and I will be calling upon the hospice people to provide a CNA, but it won't be 24/7.  That's okay, I've gotten a good idea of what he needs and now that he has the catheter things are a bit easier.  So I should be okay going forward by myself.

I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but Marshall is donating his body to research, so I spent some time today getting all that paperwork done.

Marshall was mildly lucid today, too.  He replied to questions and had his eyes open several times.  He had some pain which we medicated and he slept a lot.

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