Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dr. David Samadi

For those of you who follow the world of prostate cancer, there is a urologist named Dr. David Samadi, who is a world leader in prostate cancer robotic surgery.  He appears weekly on the Fox News Channel (with Dr. Marc Siegel) on a show called Sunday Housecall.  The show covers quite a few health topics but Dr. Samadi specializes in prostate cancer.  I almost never miss this show.

I just read that he is now collaborating with Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus and he will be visiting Cyprus from July 20 to July 27, 2015, where he will perform robotic surgeries.  He will also be meeting with the president of Cyprus.

Like I said, for those of you who have been thrust kicking and screaming into the world of prostate cancer, you might want to keep up with Dr. Samadi and the wonderful work he is doing.  His website is www.samadirobotics.com .

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