Thursday, July 9, 2015


Marshall is now officially in hospice here at home.  He is having lots of trouble with conversation and he gets periods of agitation.  Gina has agreed to stay with us 24/7 for this next week and boy, am I glad she did.  Tonight he decided to try to get up and ended up perched on the very very end of the bed, just a hair from slipping off and falling.

It took Gina and me 30 minutes (and I'm not exaggerating) to convince him to cooperate with us to get him back in bed.  We tried lifting him but he was a dead weight.  We finally got him settled but we are both exhausted.  I hope the 4 morphine pills and an Ativan kick in and give him a comfortable, pain free night, and I fervently hope he does not try to get up again.

His daughter wanted to talk to him so I handed him the phone and he was unable to hold the phone to his ear, so I held it while she talked, he didn't say much.  And I did FaceTime with his granddaughter and I think he enjoyed that but again, he didn't say much.  His grandson called this evening but by then Marshall was too tired to even listen.

Here's to a quiet night....  Keep us in your prayers.

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