Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another day of phone calls

First, I was on the phone with AT&T for hours trying to solve cell phone problems and AT&T said the fault was with CenturyLink (our internet provider) so I was then on the phone with CenturyLink and -- you guessed it -- they said the fault was with AT&T.  So I got nowhere and still have cell phone problems.

Then I called Social Security and was on hold for a very long time and finally decided to take the recorded message's suggestion and go to the Social Security web page.  And then the web page's suggestion was that I should probably go to the Social Security office in person, so I will do that on Thursday.  I will need Marshall's death certificate which I'm not sure is ready yet.

But anyway, I read the web page and tried to interpret it and if I am understanding it, I am actually entitled to part of Marshall's Social Security in addition to mine.  There are a series of criteria that have to be met and that has to be done in person.  When I go to the Social Security office on Thursday I should get the definitive answer and I will report back.

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