Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Another relaxing day today. I really needed that.  I think my stress leel has dropped and I'm about ready to go back home.

I checked my bank balance yesterday and the VA has taken about $3600 out of my account.  That was very disturbing, although I figured they would take some of the money back.  So the first thing on my list when I get back is to talk to my Veterans Service Officer and get him to working on what's going to happen to me with regard to the VA.  My understanding is that I am entitled to some of Marshall's monthly disability check but it is concerning that they took that much money out that quickly.  I'll try to not worry about it until I know for sure what will happen.

Hopefully by the time I get back I will have gotten mail from the health insurance people so that I will know where I stand with regard to insurance.

This may sound creepy but I am keeping Marshall's Facebook account going as well as his Twitter account.  And I've switched all of his email accounts so that they come in on my computer.  I know that sounds weird but it's kind of like having a little bit of him around with those accounts open.

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