Monday, August 3, 2015

Getting ready for trip to Ohio

My wonderful neighbor Dave came over with his tractor and got the road in good shape again.  Thank goodness!  And thank Dave!

Today I called MetLife regarding Marshall's annuity and I learned that this check will continue to come.  Evidently when we set this annuity up we decided to take a smaller monthly check so that we could get rights of survivorship.  That was very good news.

Also, the Clerk called today to tell me the death certificate is finally ready so I can now finalize all of the various claims.  I won't be able to finish up with the VA benefits (which is the most important one) until I get back from Ohio next week.

I got Marshall's wedding ring from the jeweler and I am now wearing it.  It is a very special reminder of him.

I've got the car all packed and ready to take off for Ohio Wednesday morning.  I am not crying as often now but I imagine the memorial service will be tough.

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