Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Busy Day

I picked up the death certificates today and was then able to send them off to the insurance company and MetLife.  I'll have to wait until I get back from Ohio to meet with the Veterans Service Officer and give him the paperwork so we can apply for whatever benefits I'm entitled to.  I am kind of anxious about this one.

The Veterans Service Officer also told me that the VA will provide a marker for a cemetery plot.  Since Marshall will be cremated I wasn't sure how that would work.

Marshall wants his ashes scattered over the graves of his mother and father in West Virginia.  So today I called that cemetery (Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens) and asked them if I could put a marker in the same area with Marshall's mom and dad and they said yes!  They said that we should have the marker sent directly to them and then whenever we come to scatter the ashes they will put the marker in place at the foot of his mom or dad's plot.  I really like that idea.  There will be a fee but I expected that.

While I was at the courthouse today I filled out the paperwork to give up the license plates on our truck -- they were disabled vet plates and were free for Marshall.  So now they are no longer free. I got regular plates for a mere $481.  I remember when I used to think the $50 plates in Chicago were expensive, but Colorado wins hands-down!!

I've been getting tons of sympathy cards which feels so good.  Many of them contain cute stories and memories about Marshall.  I've really enjoyed them (and sometimes had a good cry).  Marshall would be so pleased.

I leave early tomorrow on my way to Ohio.  I like to drive, especially by myself ... it helps me get my thoughts together.

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