Thursday, August 13, 2015

Heading home...

I made a few phone calls today so that when I am back in Colorado I will have appointments all set up and ready.

First call was to the post office Personnel Management.  They have confirmed that I am no longer eligible for the health insurance and it will end on August 21.  Bummer.  I was really hoping I could keep that.  But I have Medicare and Marshall also spent a lot of time making sure I have the VA's supplemental insurance.  But I think a third policy is probably in order.

The lady I spoke to on the post office call alluded to the fact that Marshall had life insurance and I need to fill out the application to get those proceeds.  I thnk she's wrong because I am quite sure there's no life insurance.  But who knows, maybe they had some kind of insurance that just came with the job.  Wouldn't that be wonderful!!

Then I called Social Security and they set up a conference call for tomorrow morning to see if I'm entitled to anything in addition to the one-time payment of $255 for burial expenses.

Then I called the most important person, the VA Veterans Service Officer who will walk me through the labyrinth of VA paperwork.  I should be entitled to part of Marshall's monthly disability check.  I am also entitled to a one-time payment for burial expensss (although not sure how that plays out if the body is cremated and not buried).  And I am entitled to a headstone.  While I was in Ohio, my sister-in-law Audrey took me out to where her husband is buried to show me what the VA's headstone looks like and it's very nice.  I have an appointment with the VSO on Tuesday.

So my days are slowly filling up with chores and appointments.  And I am really looking forward to seeing "my boys"!

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