Friday, August 28, 2015

Not much going on

Me and the Veterans Service Officer are really getting to know each other.  I spent another two hours with him today filling out the forms petitioning the VA to give me back the money they took out of my account when Marshall died.

On the up side, today I received the small amount of money that Social Security gives you for burial expenses. It's hardly enough for even a nice dinner, but it's better than nothing.

I quit taking that new drug the doctor wanted me to take (Propafernone) and went back to the drugs she had me on originally and I feel good again.  I check my heart rate every hour or two and it never gets below 55 so I can't explain why it went down to 40 when I saw her on Tuesday.

I'm wondering if smoky air could affect the heart rate.  The air in Colorado has been very hazy and smoky for the past week due to the fires on the west coast and the local clinic has advised that everyone stay indoors if possible.  Just wondering...

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