Friday, August 21, 2015

Insurance, etc.

Another 2 hours with the Veterans Service Officer today.  We finished the paperwork and it got mailed to the VA today.  And I was able to mail out all the forms I had to fill out for his Post Office benefits.  Now I wait.

Marshall made sure I had the VA's supplemental insurance (called ChampVA) but I didn't understand how it worked so that's why I've been researching other supplemental insurance.  However, after a few of you have alerted me to how it works (thank you!) -- and after the Veterans Service Officer made some phone calls and did lots of research -- I understand that it is definitely a supplemental health insurance plan that works in conjunction with Medicare.  At no cost to me.  So I thank Marshall for his foresight.

My challenge for today was trying to find information on his previous marriages.  All of the forms I filled out required that information.  I didn't have it so I even went to one of those People Search sites on the internet and paid the money to do a search and came up with nothing, not even his marriage to me.  Marshall and I were together 28 years and I wasn't the least bit interested in previous marriages.  So the Service Officer decided to simply put "unknown" and we'll see what happens.

I believe I am now done with paperwork for the time being.  YAY!

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  1. Marshall s first marriage is on Wv Archives & History...free & easy site to use...hope this info helps...Sorry for your loss...COUSIN Dena from Wv...