Saturday, August 15, 2015

Home again

Yesterday morning I had my phone conference with Social Security.  It lasted about 20 minutes and she asked me tons of questions.  She asked me to send her the death certificate and our marriage certificate.  And they will look at everything and then will direct deposit into my account whatever I am entitled to, which I'm pretty sure will just be the $255 burial expense money.

I made it home today after several days of driving and it was so nice to see my boys.  Coco always gets excited to see me and then it's kind of like he realizes I left him for a while and he decides to get mad and ignore me.  But now he is on my lap attached to me.  And so is Okie.  Very nice.

I had a very sad moment when I crossed over the Colorado state line.  That's when I would always call Marshall to let him know I was in Colorado and almost home.  It felt so weird not being able to make that call.

I just opened all my mail and there was a letter from MetLife saying they were suspending all payments.  Good grief.  I had a long conversation with them last week and they assured me the payments would continue uninterrupted.  So now I guess I have to call them on Monday and see what's going on.  I went a whole week without any A-fib episodes and I'm not home more than a few hours and they are back.  Ugh.

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