Friday, May 1, 2015

Doctor appointment today

Yesterday the physical therapist came to the house and as she was taking Marshall through some exercises, his right knee gave out and he slid to the floor.  But he was aable to get himself situated and get back up by himself, so that was a good thing.

Marshall and I both had a doctor appointment today with our primary care doctor.  He saw us both at once, kind of cool.

With regard to me, I brought the doctor up to speed on my recent diagnosis of Afib.  He checked me out and, at least at the time of the appointment, my heart rate was completely normal.  I haven't had an episode for two full days now.  I will report back to him after I see the cardiologist in June.  I continue to take the magnesium every day.  (I finished my 14 days with the heart monitor yesterday morning and was very glad to see it go...)

With regard to Marshall, he talked to the doctor about a few little issues he's been having and they discussed remedies.  It was pretty much an uneventful appointment, just getting the doctor caught up on everything.  We asked him if he knew of anything Marshall could do to help bring his white blood cell count back up.  Dr. Bliss said there's not a whole lot we can do as long as Marshall is still taking the chemo pill, but probiotics (which can be in the form of Greek yogurt or Kefir), CoQ10 and exercise can help.

We picked up some prescriptions at Walgreens and headed home.

The home health nurse came by this morning and checked Marshall's vitals.  She said that now that he is using the Tele-Health machine, he doesn't really need a nurse coming by unless something is going on that warrants it.

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  1. Can they not give him Neulasta or something similar like they do for iv chemo? Just wondering.

    I am glad to see he is improving it is so hard to always be strong for them as well as us.