Saturday, May 16, 2015

Good report from spine surgeon

We drove up to the University on Thursday to see the spine surgeon for a post-op checkup.  They took x-rays and told Marshall all the screws were right where they should be and the incision has healed nicely.  They removed all restrictions with regard to how much he can lift and bending over.

We spent the night at the Residence Inn and on Friday went to look at a townhouse in Centennial.  It was darling but was just too small for us.  But at least we got the ball rolling.  On Monday one of the local Westcliffe realtors is coming over to take a look at our house and do a market evaluation and let us know what price to put on our house.  It should be on the market in a few days.

Today I started the slow process of going through things to decide what to take and what to get rid of.

Marshall felt okay for the 2-day trip to Denver, but had a little trouble walking.  Today it got worse and his arm was also hurting.  Not sure if it's arthritis but he's taking Aleve.  I put a brace on his knee but he said it didn't help.  So he's down in the dumps.

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