Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Marshall still in pain

We were scheduled to go to the Cancer Center yesterday for Marshall's 2-week lab work and checkup since he's not been feeling good at all.  He has pain and he is totally weak and exhausted.  But when I got up around 5:30A, it was snowing like crazy so I made the decision to canceel the appointment.  (Of course, it stopped snowing within an hour, but the decision had been made.)

I called the oncologist and asked if we could just get the lab work done this time closer to home and he said absolutely.  So we called our primary care physician and he sent us to the lab he uses in Canon City.  So this morning we drove over there and got the blood drawn.  Hopefully we will have the results sometime tomorrow.  If the white blood cell count has gone down further, we'll have to see what Dr. Flaig wants to do.  They will also check Marshall's PSA again.

In the meantime he is glad that we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow and he can spend the day resting.

Tomorrow I'm going to call an acupuncturist here in town and make an appointment for Marshall.  He'd like to try a couple sessions and see if it helps.  I will probably do a few sessions myself.  I've had a few A-fib episodes and they sure are scary.    Yesterday I felt so weak and out of breath that I could barely walk around the house and that's the first time that's happened.  And the weird thing is that -- at least to the extent that I can tell anything -- I was NOT having an episode.  My heart rate was perfectly normal.  So it is evident that the blood wasn't pumping properly and that was very disconcerting.

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