Friday, May 8, 2015

Busy day

Marshall stayed home today and dealt with a water leak in the master bathroom.  Gina was here to help coordinate things and to watch the animals.

Yesterday I got an email from my cardiologist telling me to be sure to take my Metropolol pill this morning (it's a medication that slows down the heart rate).  I told her it seemed kind of counterproductive to take a medication to slow down the heart rate at the same time I'm going to be getting on a treadmill trying to raise the heart rate.  But she insisted that I take the medication.

She also surprised me with the news that when she went over the results of my 14-day Holter heart monitor, she is leaning towards recommending a pacemaker.  But she wanted to see the stress test results first.

So when I arrived at the hospital today the nurses/technicians said that I should NOT have taken the medication prior to a stress test.  (Duh)  But we decided to go ahead with the treadmill anyway.  I was supposed to get my heart rate up to 128.  I gave it my all, but I could only get it to 108, so they stopped the treadmill test and switched over to Plan B -- a chemically induced stress test.  But even with the confusion, I think it went well.  The cardiologist even sent me an apology for making me take the Metropolol.  At least she knows that I could have made it to 128bpm if it weren't for her!

So now I wait for all my test results and I see the cardiologist on June 3 to go over everything.  I don't know why she is waiting so long to see me, but I'm taking that a a sign that she does not feel it is an emergency.

When I got home, I learned that we need a new toilet in the master bathroom.  So tomorrow morning Marshall and I will be heading to Home Depot.  In the meantime, we just keep putting towels on the floor.

Other than that, Marshall had a quiet day.  He has no pain but is just fatigued all the time, can't get any real energy going.

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