Thursday, May 7, 2015

No more physical therapy

First off, look at the purple "badge" at the top of the page.  Our blog was selected by Healthline as one of the best prostaate cancer blogs for 2015.  We made Number 7.  That's pretty cool!  Here is a link to the full list of prostate cancer blogs on the list for those of you who follow our blog during your own cancer journey and may want to read what others are saying:
Now, back to Marshall:  He did not go with me to Pueblo on Tuesday.  He preferred to sleep in.  So I called Gina to come up and then I went and got the car fixed and got some lab work done.

On Wednesday, the physical therapist was here and she feels like he can be on his own now with regard to exercising so she discharged him again.  She says if in the future we feel like he needs her again, we should just call.

Tomorrow I go for my stress test.  Marshall has said he wants to go with me, but I'm thinking it will be another "sleep in" day.  Which is okay with me.  I would probably be worried about hin the whole time anyway.

He has been really sleeping in a lot lately.  He stays up and watches TV and then sleeps until 10:30 or 11:00 every day.  He is still pain free.

He got a call this week from the place that stores his motorcycle telling him he needs to get it moved because they are doing renovations to the building.  So next Wednesday we need to get the trailer over there and get the bike out.  The guy who owns the storage building is a biker and he will help us get the bike into the trailer since Marshall really doesn't have the strength or the balance to get on the bike at this point, much less actually drive it.  We need to get the bike into the shop for various repairs anyway, so we will just take it straight to the shop and leave it -- and the trailer -- until the repairs are done.

We had a conversation yesterday about driving.  I'm not totally comfortable with him driving because he is still so wobbly.  And he is not totally comfortable with me because of this whole A-fib thing.  We periodically talk about moving to Denver to be closer to medical care, but then the enormity of the whole process (selling this house, driving up to Denver regularly to look at houses, doing the mortgage paperwork, closing, packing, moving, unpacking, etc.) is more than I can envision.

In addition, the housing market right now is definitely a seller's market.  We contacted a few real estate agents and they send us emails when houses come on the market that meet our wish list.  Well, practically as soon as we click on the listing and look at it, it disappears because it got a contract already.  There's no way we can work fast enough under those circumstances!  So we stay where we are and hope for the best.

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