Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New physical therapy

When Marshall saw the spine doctor for his post-op visit, the doctor gave him a prescription for physical therapy for his back, as well as to strengthen his legs.  His first appointment was yesterday and it went really well.  We go back for the second session tomorrow.

The reason we chose to use the physical therapy clinic here in town rather than having the home health care provide it is because the clinic has lots of equipment while the home physical therapy person pretty much relies on just stretch bands.

But in the meantime, when the home health care people learned that Marshall was leaving the house, they discharged him again.  I tried to explain that he is unable to leave the house by himself, he needs me with him to handle getting the walker in and out of the vehicle, but they said that if he is able to leave the house at all, even if it's being carried out, he is no longer housebound and their services come to an end.  That's the dumbest thing in the world.  It's like saying someone needs to be on death's door to get any help.  I hope when we relocate we have better luck with home care.  So the nurse came today for her final visit and she took all of the home equipment with her.

Today I painted the shutters on the house and bought some potted flowers to put on the patio -- giving the house a little curb appeal.

I was contacted by Bayer Healthcare to participate, along with many others, in a Virtual Summit for Prostate Cancer Bloggers and Caregivers scheduled for June 1 (to help Bayer better understand the life of a prostate cancer patient and his caregiver).  They sent me a webcam that they wanted me to use for the Summit and it arrived today; however, it is for a PC and I have a Mac, so I'm not sure if I'll be part of that Summit.

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