Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rainy days

It is now officially Colorado's monsoon season and we're getting rain every day.  So the roads are basically mud pits.  And the real estate agent won't come out to take the photos until we have a few sunny days.

Marshall felt better yesterday and today than he has in a few days.  He hasn't needed any oxycodone for two days.  He is still very fatigued, though.

Today our neighbor Dan spent the day (bless him) helping me get everything out of our garage loft and down into the garage so I could start weeding stuff out.  I felt so good all day, carrying things and lifting things and working pretty hard.  We got everything out of the loft.  Now I need to start going through it all.  I'll bet half of it will get thrown out.

When we were all done for the day and I came in the house, after a full day of no heart palpitations at all, as soon as I sat down and relaxed, the heart went into overdrive and here I am 5 hours later and still have a heart rate of 110bpm.  I just don't get it.  But at least I can live with 110bpm.  It's annoying but bearable.  It's when it shoots up to 120 or 130 and above -- and the legs get weak -- that it's hard to handle.

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