Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A good day at the Cancer Center

The PSA has gone up to 48.48 (last time it was 45.6) so it only went up a tiny bit.  The nurse practitioner considered that to be good news.

The blood counts are a little off -- white blood cell count is getting a bit lower -- so they want us back in another two weeks to check it again.  She said Marshall should try to eat very nutritionally, get exercise and wash his hands often, since low white blood cell counts lower the immunity.  She also said that if it continues to get lower, he may have to get off of the chemo pill to let it go back up again.

He goes back on May 15.  He also has to be back at the hospital on May 14 for a followup visit with the surgeon that did his spine surgery, so we will be spending the night again.

We got home around 1:00.  I had a small Afib episode this morning but the rest of the day was free of any signs of an episode.  So far.

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