Sunday, April 19, 2015

Laughing Yoga

I went to the Health Fair yesterday and got a bunch of lab work done, as well as hearing test, Alzheimer's test, an acupuncture treatment and a massage.  Then I visited a lot of booths and picked up information.  They had a demonstration of Laughing Yoga which was really silly looking, but supposedly it helps with deep breathing as well as laughing at nothing in particular.  I'm going to go to a class on Saturday and give it a try.

Today Marshall was walking around the house on his own power, no walker and no cane.  So his strength is building up nicely.  He has been feeling better and better.

Tomorrow he has an appointment at the VA in Colorado Springs for a hearing test. THANK GOODNESS!  I look forward to the day when the TV can hopefully be at a normal volume.

I've been trying to monitor my A-fib episodes to see if I can identify any "triggers" that are causing it to happen.  So far the only one that is a definite is bending over too many times in a row (like when I'm trying to clean house and have to pick things up).  Other than that, they seem to come and go for no particular reason.

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