Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We made it home okay yesterday after two days on the road.  It was a pretty good trip home, but Marshall had pain Monday night and had a rough evening.  It was good to get home and see "the boys" again.

Today was my appointment with the cardiologist.  My friend Glenda drove me there because I was feeling a little lightheaded (thank you, Glenda!!).  Marshall wanted to go to be with me but I felt like if he was there I would be too worried about him and wouldn't be able to pay attention to the doctor, so he agreed he would stay home and I would give him updates by phone.

I really liked the doctor.  The first thing they did was an EKG which did not indicate any sign of atrial fibrillation (wouldn't you know it...).  However, she said the only time an EKG shows the A-fib is if you are having an episode at the time of the EKG.  We talked for quite a while.  She said atrial fibrillation was not curable but that you could definitely do things that would insure fewer and shorter episodes.

Some of those things:  exercise, healthy eating, yoga, meditation, mindful breathing, etc.  She said none of these things are magic bullets, but they all can help.  I asked her about taking supplements and she said that the heart needs magnesium (and that the majority of people in the U.S. are deficient in magnesium); however, she stressed that the magnesium should come from food sources and not a supplement.  She said that one supplement she definitely approves is CoQ10.

In order to be sure I have A-fib (and SVT), they want to run a bunch of tests.  I go back next Wednesday for an Echocardiogram (ultrsound).  If, during the ultrasound, they see any blockages I may have to have an angiogram and/or angioplasty.

I had lab work today to check for thyroid problems (I got the results already and my thyroid is fine).

The next step after the Echocardiogram is to wear a Holter monitor for a month to keep track of what my heart is doing.

Then the next week I go back for a 4-hour nuclear stress test.

Then in June I go back to see the cardiologist to talk about all of the test results and what we will do going forward.  She said she is going to strongly suggest that I go on a blood thinner and the one she will recommend is Xarelto.  So I need to research that a bit.  For now, though, she said baby aspirin is fine.  She commented that I was extremely healthy and had almost no risk factors for stroke, but because of the way A-fib works, blood pools and clots can still form.

Gina was here with Marshall today.  When I got home he looked awful and he didn't feel good.  I wish he could just have a couple of good weeks.

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