Monday, April 27, 2015

Tomorrow is another Cancer Center Day

On Friday, I was gone again all day getting errands done.  When I got home, Marshall was down in the dumps, mostly because he used to do a lot of these things and it depressed him staying home while I was out taking care of things.  He was also getting tired of having a CNA here to watch him for the third day in a row.  Gina keeps a close eye on him and he doesn't have a lot of privacy when she's here.  It's okay if it's a day here and a day there, but three days in a row kind of got to him.  I will remember that in the future.  (And at least I got everything caught up for the time being.)

On Saturday, Gina and I went to the Laughing Yoga class.  It was the silliest thing you've ever seen, a group of grown women sitting around loudly saying, "HA HA HO HO," and pretending to blow up balloons or pick flowers, etc.  However, as the class went on, we could definitely see the breathing benefits of doing this (not to mention that there was a lot of genuine laughter at how silly we all looked!).  We actually all felt a little lightheaded every now and then.  I think Marshall might get something out of this class.  He says he might come with me next Saturday and just observe.

Sunday it was snowing so we stayed in and watched old Johnny Carson DVDs.

Today the physical therapist came and worked with Marshall for a while.  He is able to walk around the house without a walker or cane as long as he stays close to furniture to grab onto. He's a bit wobbly sometimes but the improvement is really noticeable.

My Afib episodes have lessened, but they still come for no particular reason that I can see.  I do think they were reduced a lot when I started taking magnesium supplements, but who knows for sure?  I am getting very very tired of wearing this heart monitor, but I think the results will prove to be very helpful since I was able to upload quite a few episodes to the medical staff.  My last day to wear this thing is Thursday and then I return it.

Tomorrow we head up to Denver for an extremely early appointment at the Cancer Center on Wednesday.  The oncologist wants to see what Marshall's PSA is doing now that he's been on the oral chemo pill for about two months.  We'll spend the night in Denver and then drive home on Wednesday after the appointment.  He always gets anxious every time we go up there, but outside of extreme fatigue, he's been feeling okay and has no pain, so we anticipate that everything will be okay.

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