Thursday, April 16, 2015

More on Humana and update on Marilyn's Echocardiogram, etc.

The Social Worker from Humana Home Health Care came out on Tuesday and re-evaluated our situation.  When she left, it was her opinion that Marshall still qualified for home health care and she will report her opinion back to the main office.

This morning a nurse from Humana came and evaluated Marshall.  She also is of the opinion that he qualifies for both the home physical therapy and the Tele-Health.  This machine takes all of his vitals (blood pressure, oxygen level, sugar reading and weight) every day and calls it in automatically to the main office.  If anything is out of order a nurse calls the house immediately to talk about it.  (I love that thing!)

We should hear from them tomorrow with their final decision.

I was at the hospital most of the day today and had my echocardiogram.  I was able to watch the screen while the procedure was done but of course I didn't understand any of it..  When we started, I asked the technician what would happen if she saw a blockage and she said she would get the cardiologist in there immediately.  So since I never saw a doctor I guess there were no blockages.  Then when it was done and I was leaving I asked her if she could give me her opinion on how it looked to her and she just smiled and said, "No news is good news."  I choose to interpret that as good news. I should hear the official results in a few days..

Then I got fitted with my Holter event monitor which records the atrial fibrillation events and calls them in to the doctor.  I will wear this for 14 days.  And then on May 8 I go back for a 4-hour nuclear stress test.

So I guess we can say that both of the patients in this household are doing okay at the moment.   And the dog is doing okay, too!  Woo hoo!

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