Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kevin and Angie's wedding

Today was a good day all the way around. The wedding was pretty cool. It was outdoors at the Snake River Overlook in Moose, Wyoming. There was snow on the ground and it was REALLY cold, probably 30 degrees, and very windy. All of the guests were bundled up nicely, but the bride was wearing a strapless gown. She had to be freezing.

Angie's mom and dad, Angie, Kevin, Angie's brothers (you can see the Snake River in the background)
Angie's dad Joe, Angie & Kevin, Angie's mom Jane
Angie and Kevin and Angie's brothers
Kevin's brother JJ, Kevin's mom Mary Ellen, Angie & Kevin, Kevin's grandmother (and Marshall's sister) Audrey, Kevin's brother Gilbert, Kevin's sisters Samantha and Tianna
Marshall and his sister Audrey

Kevin and Angie as Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mellott!

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