Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yet another A-fib episode

Today I had an appointment with my dermatologist to check out a few suspicious spots. Good thing I went -- I had three precancerous lesions which she burned off. Then I ran a few errands in Pueblo, had lunch and came home to finish packing for our trip to Wyoming.

When I got home, my heart went into A-fib again and the heart rate got up to 186. And stayed there for several hours. Such a miserable feeling, heart pounding, hard to breathe, lightheaded. I think I may have brought this episode on myself, too, by taking some supplements today that I probably shouldn't have taken. From here on out, I don't take anything but my Metropolol (supposed to slow the heart down) until I see the cardiologist.

So here I am, the caretaker for Marshall and three animals and I couldn't do much of anything this evening. It was all I could do to get Marshall's pills and other medications together, both for this evening and for the trip. And I had to feed the animals at 5:00. This A-fib stuff throws the equilibrium off so I was literally stumbling around trying to take care of all of this -- and still finish packing. Marshall is feeling very ignored and there's nothing I can do about it. I guess I need a caregiver for me!!! (ha)

Then around 8:30, one of my constant worries actually played out. Marshall has a lift chair and when he puts it up and down one of the cats (Jerry) always wants to get under there and he could literally get killed if he was caught in the mechanics of the chair. But tonight it wasn't Jerry, it was Coco. Marshall was able to reverse the direction of the chair and Coco came out unscathed. But my poor heart....

The physical therapist was here today and she said that until Marshall can be comfortable on his feet again, she is discharging him from her care. That is very disappointing news. We are supposed to call her when he feels more stable. Hopefully that will happen when we get back from Wyoming. We still think the chemo pill that he is taking every day is causing some side effects.

I did manage to finish packing except for all of Marshall's medical stuff that can't be packed until the very last minute.
Marshall went to bed early, not feeling too hot, and Coco and I just got into bed to write this blog post and to read a little. My heart rate has gone down to about 85, which is HUGELY better, but still not comfortable. Our wonderful dogsitter/housesitter/CNA Gina said she will come early tomorrow and pack the car for us. God love her!

I think I need to change the name of this blog to "Our Walk with Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia, Depression, Anxiety, Sick Dogs and -- oh yeah -- Prostate Cancer."

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