Friday, April 17, 2015

Health Fair

Today Marshall felt kind of blah and was very tired.  And we had six inches of snow through the night so it was kind of cozy just to stay home.

Marshall has been walking better and better using the walker -- and sometimes just a cane.  His vitals today were all good.  But I have to tell on him:  when the nurse was at the house the other day she said, "So I saw that your sugar was 500 yesterday."   I immediately piped in and said no, she must be mistaken, his sugar has never been that high, he has always bragged about the fact that he is very good at managing his diabetes.  She insisted that he did have a reading of 500.  I looked at Marshall and I could see by his face that his sugar had indeed been 500 and he hadn't told me.  He was close to coma territory.  I guess that's the bad part of that TeleHealth machine -- he does all the submissions himself and bypasses me. But I can't be everywhere so I'm not going to worry about that.

I spent a large part of today calling in to the doctor's clinicians to transmit my heart monitor's EKG reports every time my heart went wonky.  It's quite the process.  But so far the clinicians have not felt it necessary to get the doctor involved so I guess that's a good thing.

Tomorrow is the annual Health Fair here in town.  I'm going to get down there bright and early and get every test that's available to me.  I'm getting a little paranoid about my health....

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