Saturday, June 20, 2015

Today went well

They got Marshall up this morning and had him sitting in a chair to eat breakfast.  He did well.

A friend came and took me to the Cherry Creek Farmers Market and then we stopped at a little coffee shop to get caught up with each other.  It was such a welcome diversion.  Thank you, Catherine!

When I got back, Marshall was still in the chair and was getting ready to go back to the bed. Up to this point Marshall had one of those buttons to push for pain medication. The doctor came by and said that if Marshall wants to go home tomorrow he is going to have to give up the pain pump today and rely on oral medication for pain to see if he can make it through the night that way before he gets in a car for a 4-hour trip.  Marshall agreed.  So we will see how tonight goes.

So far today Marshall has not had any nausea.  And last night's enema took care of that other problem.  We're getting there.

They just took him down for an x-ray to be sure all the screws and pins are staying in place.  His back is now pretty much totally fused and he won't ever be able to bend or twist.  We will need to invest in a few of those "grabber" things.

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