Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

Marshall had a busy day today with physical therapy and doctors coming by, etc.  He was able to get up and walk across the room with his walker and he did a good job.

He felt slightly nauseous today so he didn't eat much.

The doctor may take him off of the pain medication pump tonight so that they can see how well he does without it before discharging him.  He was going to discontinue the pump yesterday but changed his mind.  So right now we are tentatively going home tomorrow but that's not positive yet.

His daughter called him a little while ago for Father's Day -- all in all it was a good day.

I wear my Fitbit pedometer all the time and even though I feel like I'm just sitting around in his hospital room doing nothing, this hospital is HUGE so just going down to the cafeteria and back is a lot of steps.  I've been logging almost 5000 steps a day and that's pretty good when I'm not doing hardly anything.  Of course, the cafeteeria food is good so who am I fooling...

By the way, I asked the surgeon about the way Marshall is so hot above his waist and yet his knees and thighs are freezing.  He said that is perfectly normal when dealing with the kind of spine surgery he had.

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