Thursday, June 18, 2015

Today was surgery

This morning they took Marshall to surgery at about 10:00A.  I was on my way to look at a house so he and I talked on the phone right before he went into surgery.

So I looked at a house in Parker today.  The photos that were posted on the internet made this house look incredible.  But the house was incredibly awful.  I think it should be against the rules to post photos that are not truly representative of what the house looks like.  Very disappointing.

So I got back to the hospital around 2:00.  Marshall got out of surgery around 3:30 and got back to the room around 5:30.  The surgeon said the surgery was successful.  He said they got everything they could see and now the radiation will have to get rid of the microscopic cells. Marshall is on pain medication and he's feeling okay.

They also started him on the Zytiga today.  We are hoping it will work again for Marshall like it did back in 2013.

I left the hospital around 7:30 and came back to the hotel.  Tomorrow I'll check out of the hotel and move in with Marshall until he is released, which may be on Sunday.

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