Thursday, June 11, 2015

Clinic Visit

We went to the local clinic today and saw one of the doctors in order to get x-rays.  The clinic only does x-rays on Thursdays.  The doctor leaves a lot to be desired -- I'll leave it at that -- so we did not discuss fibromyalgia.  But we did get x-rays.  The doctor didn't see anything in the x-ray to be alarmed about but said the radiologist would be there later today and would write up his findings.

They sent the x-rays and interpretation to the doctor in Denver who did Marshall's spine surgery to see what he has to say and he probably won't get back to us until next Friday.  In the meantime, the doctor today gave us a prescription for oxycodone which I will pick up tomorrow so that Marshall can switch over from hydrocodone.

I contacted Marshall's Nurse Practitioner at the Cancer Center and asked her about the fibromyalgia thing and she said that to diagnose fibromyalgia you have to go through an 18-point test (at least I think that's what she said) and she wanted to hear what the surgeon had to say first.  So I guess we wait till the end of next week.

Marshall napped a lot today and then came out to the living room for a few hours this evening.  When he got up to go to bed, his right leg kind of gave out and he said it felt numb.  I rubbed his leg and he said he could barely feel my hand.  But as a few minutes passed it felt better so we are assuming his leg went to sleep while he was sitting in the living room.  I'll check on him again in a bit to be sure it's still okay.

I've been wanting to have Marshall give acupuncture a try -- and he is all for it -- and there is an acupuncurist in town so I may give her a call this weekend and get an appointment set up.  And maybe a massage.

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